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i want to kiss your lips

so badly i may burst

but your coldness rips

right through me leaving

blood on the tips

of my fingers

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25.august (2)

you string me along like i’m your sweet little pet

and i’d hate to let you break my heart like that

but your kiss is one that i can never forget

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I’m still falling in love with you

And you’re still deciding on

Whether or not love is what

You want right now.

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nope.  that’s not my question.

to win karma or to lose karma

that is my question.

is it better to do something nice for someone else (your competitor) while biting the hand that feeds you?

my mother would say it’s easy to be mean, it’s so much harder to be nice but in this case this logic cannot apply.  if i am mean, my day-to-day life will be easier and perhaps a touch more comical but it will also be awful to lie.  if i am nice, my karma points increase but it will be awful to tell the truth.

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