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sometimes when i’m happy

words pour out of me

like blood from my veins

and sometimes when i’m happy

i can’t quite find the words

to express my joy

i suppose i’d rather suffer the latter

and be quietly bubbling over

savoring the love i feel inside

than say too much

and jinx myself

so i’m happy

so happy

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it amazes me that after everything i’ve gone through to get to the place that i’m at, to turn into the person that i am, i can still trust someone new so quickly

or perhaps it’s just that this new someone is finally a someone who is trustworthy

or perhaps i’m just excited


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i want to kiss your lips

so badly i may burst

but your coldness rips

right through me leaving

blood on the tips

of my fingers

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a cold heart will burst
if mistrusted first
and a calm heart will break
when given a shake


i think i’m on the verge of being uncontrollably happy, and that’s exciting.

please don’t break my heart.

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confused by affection or infatuation

well, i wouldn’t say that i’m confused.  my stomach is full of butterflies and my mind is full of thoughts i need to consciously push out of my mind to get any work done.

i don’t want to jinx anything, but it is such a nice feeling to know the affection you have for someone is being returned.

which is something i don’t tend to feel all that often.

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today i lifted my self-imposed ban of all love songs.  i have been listening to swell season’s strict joy as a reward to myself for not indulging in the typical post-break-up-depression i am used to.  sure, i’ve been sad at times and sure, i’ve been nostalgic – but overall, i’ve just been too busy to sink too deep.

and i’ve let myself vent to the internet to get those feelings out of my system instead of letting it brew inside of my soul.  so, here is a beautiful song from the album that i enjoy a(n unhealthily) large amount:

In These Arms – Swell Season

use the truth as a weapon

to beat up your friends

every chink in the armor

an excuse to cause offense

and the boys from the hallway calling out your name

and true love will find them in the end

you were restless

i was somewhat less secure

so i went running to the road

and so now there’s a long list of places i was

i quit my rambling and came home

cause maybe i was born to hold you in these arms

maybe i was born to hold you in these arms

use your saints and your mantra

and your things to keep you calm

if you stay with that asshole

he’s gonna do you harm

there’s a voice singing loudly on the radio just for you

that good fortune will find him in the end

maybe i was born to hold you in these arms…

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the following are words i like for different reasons, mostly because they sound beautiful and make me think beautiful (if beautifully sad) thoughts…

wounded sounds so passive, victimized, and graceful

destroy(ed) in cuba, there is a colloquialism used between lovers that translates to “you destroy me” and ever since i have been the recipient of that phrase, i have been fascinated with the beauty of the idea that someone can love someone else that much

ache as in ‘heart-‘ and not ‘tummy-‘

consuming (consume, consumption) not only a very romantic way to describe tuberculosis, but also a word i often use regarding my passion for someone or something, as in ‘all-‘

fool-heartedly (fool-hardy) again, in respect to love, being loved, and giving one’s heart away without regard to future pain

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