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please don’t you dare

try to fall in love with me

you may think you care

enough but it just can’t be


i’m having one of those nights where the only things running through my head are thoughts like will i always be the one who loves the most passionately, the deepest, the longest?  is it even worth it?  what’s the point in handing your heart over to someone if they’re just going to hand it back to you  shattered  at some point in the future?

and then i think chin up, kid, that’s why you have your puppy.  who cares about a man’s love when you have the love of a sweet little animal?  not me!

at least i won’t be sleeping alone.

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i just want to run around

with the crisp breeze

while the sun sets,

glistening off the river,

blinding me as i gaze west,

and feel alive.

the dying leaves

jealous of me

and my puppy

as we frolic

and romp,

collapsing breathless

a heap of fur

and giggles,

a wagging tail

and heaving lungs

gulping in the cold

crisp air

permeated with last rays,

the smell of warmer days

fading with the sunlight.

my love for this season

cannot be surpassed

with the love for a man,

or even ice cream,

but most definitely

seems insignificant

near the love for this puppy.

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my dog, rita hayworth, has been hospitalized for pneumonia.  so i’ve just been sobbing and a wreck all night.  the doctor called me this morning and informed me that rita actually ate some food (a first since wednesday) and is doing better.

she also said that everyone at the animal hospital has fallen in love with her.

well, duh.  rita is the sweetest dog in the world.  it is breaking my heart not to have her here snuggling in bed with me right now.

i’ll get more lyrical later…

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