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please don’t you dare

try to fall in love with me

you may think you care

enough but it just can’t be


i’m having one of those nights where the only things running through my head are thoughts like will i always be the one who loves the most passionately, the deepest, the longest?  is it even worth it?  what’s the point in handing your heart over to someone if they’re just going to hand it back to you  shattered  at some point in the future?

and then i think chin up, kid, that’s why you have your puppy.  who cares about a man’s love when you have the love of a sweet little animal?  not me!

at least i won’t be sleeping alone.

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the thoughts are sticking in my throat

before i can even begin to form

the words i need to firmly call out

the words i need you to hear

and i’m a girl but not a poet

so i let them sink back down

into my churning insides

i want to let them drown

never to resurface

never to remind

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25.august (2)

you string me along like i’m your sweet little pet

and i’d hate to let you break my heart like that

but your kiss is one that i can never forget

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I’m still falling in love with you

And you’re still deciding on

Whether or not love is what

You want right now.

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You promised the moon and the stars

So I gave you my heart

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you’re pushing me away

with your words

you’re pulling me in

with your arms

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stop trying to talk me out of you

i don’t care if all of it is true

there’s just nothing you can do

you’re stuck with me, i’m stuck on you

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