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confused by affection or infatuation

well, i wouldn’t say that i’m confused.  my stomach is full of butterflies and my mind is full of thoughts i need to consciously push out of my mind to get any work done.

i don’t want to jinx anything, but it is such a nice feeling to know the affection you have for someone is being returned.

which is something i don’t tend to feel all that often.

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the following are words i like for different reasons, mostly because they sound beautiful and make me think beautiful (if beautifully sad) thoughts…

wounded sounds so passive, victimized, and graceful

destroy(ed) in cuba, there is a colloquialism used between lovers that translates to “you destroy me” and ever since i have been the recipient of that phrase, i have been fascinated with the beauty of the idea that someone can love someone else that much

ache as in ‘heart-‘ and not ‘tummy-‘

consuming (consume, consumption) not only a very romantic way to describe tuberculosis, but also a word i often use regarding my passion for someone or something, as in ‘all-‘

fool-heartedly (fool-hardy) again, in respect to love, being loved, and giving one’s heart away without regard to future pain

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please don’t you dare

try to fall in love with me

you may think you care

enough but it just can’t be


i’m having one of those nights where the only things running through my head are thoughts like will i always be the one who loves the most passionately, the deepest, the longest?  is it even worth it?  what’s the point in handing your heart over to someone if they’re just going to hand it back to you  shattered  at some point in the future?

and then i think chin up, kid, that’s why you have your puppy.  who cares about a man’s love when you have the love of a sweet little animal?  not me!

at least i won’t be sleeping alone.

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scrabble was invented by nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia. this is true, they proved this one. the word dyslexia was invented by nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia.

– eddie izzard

is it *terribly* obvious that when i’m enjoying something, i like to make a big splash about it in every internet forum i partake in?

mostly i love scrabble.  about the same amount as my love for eddie izzard (which is monumental).

also i’ve been chatting somewhat regularly with a new acquaintance and it makes me happy.  i wish i chatted this much with my old acquaintances too (hint, hint).

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in the fashion of my dear friend and her blog (http://thankyouthankyouthankyou.tumblr.com/), today i am thankful for the following things:

my sturdy legs that take me everywhere I want to go

my mom for yet another fabulous free haircut this weekend

my sweet sweet puppy for waking me up this morning with kisses and snuggles when she thought i had hit the snooze button one time more than necessary

my paycheck which arrives in my bank account tomorrow and will help me pay for my sweet sweet puppy’s hospital bills

my fingers for their dexterity which helps me succeed at my job

autumn for being gorgeous to walk around in

eggs because sometimes a five-minute dinner is just as delicious and fulfilling as a thirty-minute dinner

musical compatibility because connecting with people this way is just so much fun

threadless.com for providing me with today’s clothing article of choice

you for reading (and hopefully enjoying) my thoughts, poems, rants, and random inklings

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i just want to run around

with the crisp breeze

while the sun sets,

glistening off the river,

blinding me as i gaze west,

and feel alive.

the dying leaves

jealous of me

and my puppy

as we frolic

and romp,

collapsing breathless

a heap of fur

and giggles,

a wagging tail

and heaving lungs

gulping in the cold

crisp air

permeated with last rays,

the smell of warmer days

fading with the sunlight.

my love for this season

cannot be surpassed

with the love for a man,

or even ice cream,

but most definitely

seems insignificant

near the love for this puppy.

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i am sick of writing lovesick verses.

i just bought this single today (finally) and the t-shirt deal was too tempting to pass up… as if i have the money to spend on frivolity when i’m facing vet bills large enough to topple anyone’s checkbook.


I made decisions some right and some wrong
And I let some love go I wish wasn’t gone
These things and more I wish I had not done

– The Avett Brothers

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